DJ LP’s Sound Session: J. Cole

Return of Simba

By now when you see a track with the title “Simba” from Jermaine you just have to expect some great work on the mic (See “Simba” and “Grown Simba”) and Cole continues the trend. Elite on the boards giving J. Cole the gas to add to the fire as we get another beat that provokes a trip into higher learning. Lyrically Cole always brings the A game as we finish the track with

It’s Judgment Day, I’m here to give you pussy niggas hell
And some food for thought, I can serve a plate
Wit’ dessert to take, wit’ dessert to take
Yeah, I heard the hate, but the wait is fuckin’ over
It’s like I’m fuckin’ Oprah, well worth the wait
Maybe over your head, I’m ahead of my time
Niggas scared of my future, I know they dreadin’ my prime
‘Cause I only made classics, now what that take? Timing
Cole under pressure, what that make? Diamonds

See It To Believe It

This track is my favorite of the two. When it comes to production this one is deep. How many rappers do you know now days that will give us a Violin sample? – Both as the melody and another as the counter melody -. With production like this I swear my 90’s hip hop mentality feels at home.
This track overall is a smooth track, the flow matches the production as Cole gives us some in your face lyrics with a calm delivery:

When I’m all alone these words just flow out of my chest
Turn ‘em into poems, they worship, I’m the best
And though I’m taking long, they f-ck with me none the less
Yeah, enough sleeping, I put you niggas to rest
The only one saying shit is like a nigga got tourettes, (chyeah)
Unimpressed with you niggas
You the shit only cause I digested you niggas

J. Cole continues to build the hype to his debut album with every release. And unlike many artists out there in this game, the anticipation just keeps building. Going as far back as The Warm Up (and even The Come Up for some of you) J. Cole has only put out nothing but great tracks for the ‘heads to enjoy, with slip-ups being far and few (Disgusting). But he makes a great comeback from the last release and drops two more tracks for us to enjoy. Lyrically we know what to expect from Cole, complimented with great production from Elite and even self produced gems (See Hiiipower). With all this talent perfectly meshing it’s hard to not anticipate a classic debut from young Cole. Until the album drops though, I’ll take Cole’s advice and wait to See it to Believe it.

Enjoy as DJ LP brings ya a J. Cole Sound Session – “Return of Simba” & “See It To Believe It”