Lil’ Wayne – “How To Love” [Video]

This is the perfect time for somebody else in the crew to come in and write a post. For one, I personally think “How To Love” is a terrible song. But then again, I know Lil’ Wayne didn’t write this song for the fellas, so I kinda understand (For example, my Mother LOVES this song).

So how’s the video? Well, chicks EVERYWHERE will be crying when they watch this shit (And I mean that hard ugly cry too). Wayne was really tugging at the heart strings with this one. Weezy said “How To Love” was inspired by “2Pac’s “Keep Ya Head Up” and this Chris Robinson directed video backs that claim.

Sidenote: When the  little girl goes to visit her father in jail, who kid is that?

So I’m guessing no leaks of Tha Carter IV until Sunday night? You win this time record industry… again.