T.I. feat. Pharrell – “Here Ye, Hear Ye”

Although T.I. has been making his rounds as far as media appearances on shows like The View & Howard Stern, don’t think he has stop putting time in the booth. It makes since hearing him here with Pharrell on “Here Ye, Hear Ye” because for a lotta people the first time they heard Tip was on a Neptunes’ track. In my opinion, this may be the best I’ve heard T.I. since he got out of prison:

Mo’ than ever niggas want me dead
Cause they’re starving and I’m getting fed
But fuck em anyway
I’d rather be me on my worst day
Than to be a sucker nigga on his birthday
All cake no candles, just a living example
10 toes down all out no sandals
Godfather, a young Marlon Brando
Let me make sure they understand yo

“Here Ye, Hear Ye” was suppose to DJ Smallz’s Southern Smoke Radio Vol. 6, but this version has no tags so I don’t where it will end up.

Download: T.I. feat. Pharrell – “Here Ye, Hear Ye”

Source: DJ MLK