Our Super Bowl XLVI Predictions

Just like everyone else on the planet, we here at nappyafro are excited about the big game tomorrow. And since everybody has an opinion, I got some of the crew to give their picks on who this year’s Super Bowl winner will be. – B-Easy

Sidenote: They’re actually officially streaming the game online for this Super Bowl (Here), so people without cable don’t have to find an illegal stream this year.

DuB: I want the Giants to win but my fit says the Patriots will win- Patriots 24 to 21…… Thank God Tebow isn’t in the Big Game!

King Jerm: Giants 24 Patriots 17

Eli wins his second Super Bowl and becomes the best Manning in the family.

Saule Wright: Giants

Nate Watson: I’m going with the Giants. They’ve got a lot if momentum and they’re a more complete team in my opinion. On top of that, Brady seemed to have lost his mojo a couple of weeks ago against Baltimore and Gronkowsi’s injury is huge. I say New York by a few points. It’ll be a great game like last time.

NY Giants 27
NE Patriots 24

MVP: Eli Manning

I think there are three major factors. One, Gronkowski is not 100%, and the Pats are going to need him to be a factor if they have any chance in winning. Two, the Giants D is eventually going to get to Brady. Now, the real question is how often is this going to be? This can either make or break each team. Finally, the game will be decided by whoever converts more 3rd downs….and I’m leaning towards the Giants.

H20: Patriots will win. Fool them once, shame on you, fool them twice, shame on them. With the way Brady’s been playing in the post-season–hell, ALL season–I’d be surprised to see him not bring his A-game, especially in this greatly anticipated rematch. However, if the Giants do manage to pull off another victory, they more than certainly deserve it.

B-Easy: It’s hard for me to vote against Tom Brady. Patriots in a close one.