Ab-Soul feat. Danny Brown & Jhene Aiko – “Terrorist Threats” [Video]

While we all wait for the Control System album review* (There’s been some talk), let’s all check out Ab-Soul’s new music video for “Terrorist Threats” featuring Danny Brown & Jhene Aiko. A few things come to mind while watching this: For one, I’m happy they made a video for this particular song seeing as it’s probably my favorite one of Control System. Also, I hate seeing any money get burned no matter how small the amount or how cool it’s looks (That’s how broke I am). Directed by Fredo Tovar & Scott Fleishman.

*Sidenote: That’s not a diss to DuB, I’m 2 weeks late on my Strange Clouds review. Life shit.
Sidenote: Let’s throw in a new song from Jhene Aiko. Because she’s hot.

Bonus: Jhene Aiko – “2 Seconds”