Trey Songz feat. T.I. – “2 Reasons” [Video]

In an industry that has a very thin, barely visible line between R&B, Hip Hop and Pop, and singing or rapping, we get a new video and song from Trey Songz. T.I. jumps on the track and makes it yet another notch in the T.I. comeback tour. I tend to stay away from Trey’s music ( Chapter V drops August 21st)…but this shit is high energy goodness. It will def be on the gym playlist. I don’t know why they needed Benny Boom to direct this, scouting probably went something like this: “I need some bad bitches, some likka, a club, and a camera….and ACTION!” If you wanna know what the “2 Reasons” are, check the vid.

*sidenote: if women being called bitches offends you, skip it. That word is said about 12312312312ty million times in this song”