FROCAST: Episode #41

I’m not gonna sugar coat this, Jerm is hatin’ on the ladies this episode. From defending his shots at Gabby’s hair to talking about Bucky’s Shay’s, Jerm has a problem with the way y’all are… or aren’t taming your mane. So needless to say, we talk about the Olympics including the C-walk, and the Pee walk. We talk a bit more sports with T.O. proving us all wrong and getting a new contract and another team. There’s also some Aaliyah news (no, Jerm doesn’t like her either), more LHHATL talk (K.Michelle, Jerm says hi), more thieves in the temple and well…even more thieves. We close it out with the QFTN, and HOHN…we’re looking for you to give us more questions for both segments so get involved. Hit us up in the forums, on Twitter or email us your questions. #41 is locked and loaded…warning, we ain’t shit.

This weeks HOHN is Jevvy:
Twitter: @Jevysworld

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