What’s Hot On The Streets? Jam Master Jay Headphones

This is the big homie King Jerm here to tell you WHAT’S HOT IN THE STREETS, and I would like to be the first one to tell you guys (if you haven’t heard) about these Limited Edition Jam Master Jay headphones by BIGR Audio (that’s pronounced Bigger for you slow people!). These headphones were released to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of his death. For the youngsters, if you don’t know who JAM MASTER JAY is….logoff…nah better yet, logon to Wiki and get some background on 1/3 of Run DMC aka Hip-Hop royalty.

Enough of the background info…let’s talk about the headphones!

First thing I noticed about the headphones was the dope ass bag that the headphones came in. It was a leather carry bag with the pull strings. What a nice way to carry your phones around when you not jamming with them.

Second thing I noticed was the JMJ logo on the left ear cup and a needle on a record on the right ear cup. Don’t think this is some plastic jive either. They’re “eco-friendly” made with laser engraved farmed natural rosewood. Don’t know what that means, but it looks good! The earphones are lightweight and can be folded to fit in any pocket.

The sound quality is what you came for isn’t it? I have a certain list of songs that I played to test the quality of the headphones, and I will say this…the JMJ’s PASSED with flying colors! I was listening to “Maybach Music” by Ross and Hov and I felt like I was sitting in the back of the Bach, sipping on some Rose, with Bey on my lap. Okay, I might have took it too far, but that’s how GOOD these headphones sound. For the nerds…Frequency range is listed at 20Hz to 20kHz, with a max power of 1,500mW and impedance of 32 ohms.

Price…yes, this is a big question when dealing with just about anything today. The MSRP on these are $149 and they are well worth it. I even heard the first 100 people that cop them get theirs signed by the late DJ’s  son. If you want to cop a pair go to BIGR Audio’s website and check them out for yourself!

Shouts out to Josh and the people at BIGR Audio for letting us sample their product!