The Lounge: Fly For The Heavy-Set Guy

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When most people think of fashion they probably have a very distinct image in their head. It’s probably of a model with a fabulous physique with rippling muscles, or really skinny European women who could use a gravy IV to pump some sustenance into their bag of bone frames. What you probably don’t think about are the bigger guys and girls out there. It’s true that the clothing industry isn’t too embracing of our heaver brothas and sistas. Although the idea of plus size is slowly being accepted for women (Hi Tocarra) the fellas are still being left out of the conversation when it comes to sartorial matters.

Although I myself am on the slim side, GQ Blu still believes in inclusion, so this edition of The Lounge is dedicated to my larger than life homies in the struggle who the runways and magazines may have shunned. Don’t worry, GQ can get you right too.

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