The Lounge: Dress Like a Gentleman

Welcome everyone to the Lounge, I’m your man GQ Blu and here you’ll find tips on fashion, style and everything else that will help you elevate your game and be a true Gentleman.

For the first edition of this column I want to start with the basics and help you construct your wardrobe. The saying goes that a man makes the clothes, but your clothes do make a statement, and you want to make sure you’re making the right ones. Fashion is trendy and changes all the time, yet style is eternal. The following are closet essentials that every guy must own.

1. The Suit
Every grown man MUST own one, this is non-negotiable. A suit sets a man apart and makes a statement. Whether you’re in the boardroom or out on the town, you can never go wrong in a suit. No loud colors or crazy patterns, your first suit should be grey or navy blue. No polyester, 100% wool. Two or three buttons at the most.

2. Dress Socks
Don’t be ‘that guy’ who wears white gym socks with his dress clothes. Invest in some dress socks. Black, brown, navy and navy will have you set.

3. Dress Shirts
Again, material is key, 100% cotton shirts. You don’t want those polyester or rayon joints that your Grandma got you for Easter. Get a white one and a blue one for starters, upgrade to pink or lavender later.

4. Navy Blazer
One of the most iconic pieces of clothing a man can own. A navy blazer says style and sophistication. Dress it up with a pair of slacks or dress it down with a pair of jeans.

5. Ties
100% silk. Make sure the tie isn’t flimsy. You want it sturdy and with a little weight to it.

6. Belt
Get a good 100% leather belt. A black one and a brown one.

7. Jeans
Dark, and fitted. Leave the baggy joints for your homies. You don’t have to rock skinny jeans, but you don’t want be swimming in them either. My personal favorites are the Levi 505’s. Not skinny, but straight and fit. Plus they’re stylish yet affordable.

8. Khaki’s
Always keep a pair of khaki pants in your rotation, they’re a little more dressy than jeans but not as formal as a suit. Flat fronts.

9. Dress coat
Don’t be the brother in a suit with the NFL starter jacket on top of it. Invest in a dress coat. They are usually wool or cashmere, and come down to your knee.

10. Peacoat
Peacoats are a good mid-weight choice for the fall that’ll keep you warm and looking fresh. Goes good with jeans or slacks.

There are plenty of other pieces I could have listed, but make sure you have the essentials down and you’ll be on your way. Until next time fronation, keep it classy.