Notable Tracks: Big Hit, KOTA The Friend, & Lil Duval

Another episode Notable Tracks but unlike the last few weeks, this edition does not contain any songs from my album backlog or any leaks. It’s just the standard version of me talking about three songs that don’t really have anything in common other than that I like them. Let’s dive in.

Big Hit, Hit-Boy & The Alchemist feat. HitgirlLENA – “Gank Move”

I’m mad at myself for not having written anything about what super producer Hit-Boy and his father, rapper Big Hit, have been doing. After serving nine years in prison, Big Hit was released, and his once-estranged son made his rap dreams come true. It’s a beautiful story. They have released three projects so far: Big Hit’s The Truth Is In My Eyes, Paisley Dreams (a joint project with The Game), and Black & Whites (with The Alchemist). The song I’ve picked today is from Black & Whites, titled “Gank Move,” and also features Hit-Boy’s sister, HitgirlLENA. Like I said, it’s a beautiful thing.

KOTA The Friend – “Vietnam”

I really need to stop sleeping on KOTA The Friend. I already made one of his tracks Song of the Week last year, and most of the time when I hear his music, I vibe with it. Add another one to the list with “Vietnam,” which is off Lyrics to GO Vol. 5. The album dropped earlier this year, with the accompanying music video released last week.

Lil Duval – “UNCtivities”

Did Lil Duval drop my song of the summer? And it’s a remake of a Saweetie song? Probably.

They don’t make many tracks celebrating the old heads, so I’ll take what I can get. Plus, now I can tell the youngsters that I be “doing Unc shit.”

As much as I like this song, Duval hasn’t technically officially released it (though he did post it on YouTube). Go ahead and release it, Unc!