Song of the Week: Dizzee Rascal – “Sirens”

You know when you hear that track that instantly takes you back in time. Like I mean as soon as you hear the first lyric, the first drum, the first guitar lick, you just get transported back to some other chapter of your life.

Sorry if I sound like I’m trying to be some sort of deep, poetic dickhead but I just can’t help but think back to when I first heard a certain song.

The other day I got out my pick and torch and went on an excavation tour to see what neglected music my iPod had to offer. After digging through some Nirvana tracks, cutting my way into a few early Big Sean mixtape joints I came across my long lost friend Dizzee Rascal.

I do mean long lost. I’m not sure if Dizzee has gotten much shine in the States but he used to be on a whole other music tip about 5 plus years ago. Not so much now.

But like I said in my 50 Cent SOTW pick I’m not here to talk shit about a person’s career.

The Dizzee Rascal that I heard the other day that caused my mind to explode back to the past Marty Mcfly style was the grimy, street Dizzee that first appeared on the scene.

Again I was so torn in which track to choose for this week. I eventually went with “Sirens” off his third album Maths + English. This was my favorite shit to play in high school. Even though I wasn’t much of a troublemaker by the time this song came out I still felt like it was a great soundtrack to give someone the bird.

The visuals for the song are dark and pretty scary when you read between the lines. There are some twisted images that speak volumes about not just England’s but the world’s race relations.

But the music itself is untouchable. It sounded like nothing else I had heard at the time and in fact it still has a unique sound.

This is a revolutionary track with Dizzee best summing it up with the line “I break the law I will never change/Step into my zone get your whole face rearranged”.

Well I hope you like this week’s pick.

Please leave your suggestions for next week’s SOTW choice and I promise this time I will actually choose one that’s been thrown up in the comments. Scout’s honor (That’s a thing right?).

Bonus: Here’s a track he did with the godfathers UGK. The album version has a Pimp C verse.