Song of the Week: 50 Cent – “What Up Gangsta”

There are a few reasons why I haven’t played any 50 Cent recently. The main one was because he hasn’t been able to catch that old fire he once had back in the early 2000’s. But hey this isn’t any news to anyone but it’s really hard to even listen to his classic material. It’s just a reminder of the major fall from the top Mr. Jackson has experienced since the end of the first decade of the 21st Century.

For this week any 50 song could have been chosen but I chose “What Up Gangsta” for the simple fact that it was the first track we heard on the classic Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ album. It wasn’t the first 50 Cent song we heard (e.g. “In Da Club” or “Life’s On The Line” for the more underground fans) but it was the first to open up the album.

Say what you will about Curtis Jackson now but back then you have to admit that this track was a banger and most likely your favorite banger.

Back in ’03 this guy was the only one to talk about in the playground or barbershop. At the time he was a breathe of fresh air to the pop charts. He made gangsta music that could be played on radio and the stories he was talking about were believable! People didn’t question this guy’s authenticity (Not until about 2005 anyway).

In 2003 50 Cent was indeed the future but unfortunately for some it was only for the near future.

But I digress. This article isn’t being used to talk shit about a man’s career. It’s being used to focus on the good times.

So dust off your G-Unit sneakers, iron your bullet proof vest, and get out your Ja Rule dart board. It’s time to listen to some 50 Cent!

What up gangsta!