Lore’l – “Too Pretty” [Video]

Too Pretty

Right now, Lore’l is my favorite female MC. It has nothing to do with her music though. Not to say she can’t rap or that her music sucks (She can and It doesn’t), but her cute sexy ass has become one of the main reasons I still watch Love & Hip Hop every week.

Lore’l’s “Too Pretty” is actually not a bad song and a bonus that in the music video we get to see her reenact the movie Black Swan. Who knows? I may even go back and check out her mixtape Leading Lady (The mixtape this song comes from). Directed by Taya Simmons.

Sidenote: This clip of Lore’l from this week’s Love & Hip Hop is when I became a fan. She’s cute when she’s mad (Gold grill and all). Fuck your book Winter!