Of Course The Miami Heat Did A “Harlem Shake” Video…

Harlem Heat

Right when I thought that the Harlem Shake video craze was finally dead, the Miami Heat throw their hats in the ring. And I’m okay with it because besides LeBron & company basically being a lock this year for the NBA title, it shows they don’t take themselves too seriously and even promotes team unity. Dwayne Wade (I think) is dressed up like a College Dropout/808’s & Heartbreak mash up of Kanye West, LeBron James is dressed up like a king (of course), and Chris Bosh is… I’m not sure (The dude from The Big Lebowski?). And shout to Chris “Birdman” Andersen for being with the Heat for a little over a month but still setting off the video.

Sidenote: I should have fit in a Harlem Heat joke somewhere.