We Ranked Every Album By Outkast


6. Idlewild
Released: August 22nd, 2006

Idlewild may be last on our list but make no mistake, Outkast’s worst is still better than some people’s best efforts. Despite playing the role more of a movie soundtrack than a beloved ‘Kast album, the fans still got blessed with a few gems (“Mighty ‘O'”, “N2U”, “Hollywood Divorce”). The flip side to that coin is we also got treated to some of 3 Stacks’ post-Badu undertakings (“Dyin’ To Live”, “Greatest Show On Earth”, “Chronomentrophobia”). This album did disappoint most die hard Outkast fans due to the fact that Big Boi and Andre 3000 try to stay out of each other’s way through out the album. Well as they say, when you hit the bottom there’s no way to go but up. Let’s hope that these festival shows inspire some creative magic in the studio for these two legends. – Calvin 2.0