Tech N9ne feat. Mayday & Kendall Morgan – “Fragile” (Live) [Video]


This is fucking incredible! Tech N9ne is a very successful independent rapper who not only sells out tours all over the world but owns and runs his own record label and has made millions of dollars without any promotion like radio. So what’s so incredible here is that this live performance of “Fragile” with Mayday & Kendall Morgan is Tech’s first ever appearance on TV. How is that even possible? The man has been around for years!

Moving on. Smacking each and every smartphone or camera out of that crowd’s hands would be a delight to me. Don’t people realise they are wasting a perfect chance to watch a legend in motion by distracting themselves with a tiny screen? Plus it’s recorded on live TV you fools! Your crappy recording doesn’t stand a chance. Check out the performance below.