‘Fro Fantasy Football League: Week 2


Another week is in the books and we have some teams 2-0, some teams 1-1, and we even have some that’s 0-2! It’s only week 2, so there is no need to panic and start putting players on the trading block. But if you are…hit your boy up! I’m kidding!

Let’s get to the scores!

King of THOTLAND – 73.54
Head Bangaz – 116.94

The King had one of his WORST week’s in fantasy football history this past week. Injuries and poor play caused him to put up some dismal numbers. Cyclone keeps figuring out a way to beat me..in the regular season.

Filthy McNasty – 98.34
Castley Rock King Slappers – 103.94

ElroyJulius had to eat a slice of humble pie this week as the “Black Harvey Spector” aka GQ Blu had to show him how things work around these parts. Welcome to 1st place Blu…now you have the bullseye on your back.

Dirty ravens – 112.78
Dr Mom Loves Chocolate – 96.84

Dr Mom’s time at the top only lasted a week. She wasn’t able to make a diagnosis on the Dirty Ravens, and he ended up infecting her with a virus. He bounced back after the week 1 loss. Let’s see how the Doc follows up this visit.

HereIGo – 49.06
Monsters – 85.88

Man…Faraj loses again. This is beginning to be a recurring theme for the 2-time champ. Hopefully he’ll right the ship against his rival LPH this week. Another win for Arkitekt and the Monsters. Ark is consistently winning on the low. Might be a sleeper.

Clinton Dix Lewinski – 85.20
Gohard420 – 89.02

Jay Tee took advantage of Cornell NOT setting his roster this week. Can’t really win when you don’t play a QB or RB. I’m sure he won’t make this mistake again. We can’t continue to let JT get these easy victories.

TyshonRockz – 65.58
Los Pollos Hermanos – 77.46

Harlem Heat rekindled that “friendly” feud this week and thanks to some Monday night heroics from Darren Sproles, LPH was catapulted to victory. I swear, this mugg must have a four leaf clover tatted on his ass! *PAUSE* He always finds away to get away…he’s like Cobra Commander!

North Caka Laka All Day – 89.54

GomezJenkins ran up on Jenk and ALMOST notched his first victory of the season. We’re waiting on him to win sometime. Good win Jenk, finally won a close one. Maybe now you will stop choking like a puppy eating a bone.

Welp..that’s wraps up Week 2! Look out next week for the BEST RIVALRY in the FFFL…LPH VS FUROC PART VIII