‘Fro Fantasy Football League: Season 2 [Semifinals]

Yep…the semifinals are upon us (actually, they are over..but you guys don’t know that). But we were down to the final four teams, Spread Jermz vs. Vice Kings and Heisenberg vs. Detroit FaceFuckers. Winners go on to play for the championship. Read below for the results. Not gone too much talking…got to gameplan for my next game! *SPOILER*

Semifinal Results (winners in BOLD)

Spread Jermz – 108.12
Vice Kings – 97.38

Spread Jermz pulled off the upset by knocking off the #1 team in the semifinals. Got to show some props to Clay Davis who spent the entire year in first place, but came up short of the title. Spread Jermz had to hold on for the victory, because Drew Brees and Darren Sprioles were trying hard to extend the season for Clay Davis. It didn’t happen and Spread Jermz found himself playing for the title.

Detroit FaceFuckers – 96.72
Heisenberg – 113.74

It seems like all of the playoff games for me have had a REVENGE theme to them. This one was NO different. P from the D was talking real reckless earlier in the season, but I had the last laugh! It felt REALLY good to send the fucker home for good! *Sidenote* With this victory, I earned the most wins in FFFL playoff history. I started this season on a mission to be in the title game, and that is where I’m at. Feels good..damn good actually.


Spread Jermz  vs. Heisenberg