Friday Night ‘Fro: WWE Behind The Curtain

This Tuesday ESPN finally air the long anticipated hour-long E:60 special, WWE: Behind The Curtain. It was the most compelling behind-the-scenes look at WWE since Beyond The Mat. The difference here is that the look here was focus on the development system, NXT, and three wrestlers Xavier Woods, Adam Rose, & Corey Graves.

I’m gonna let you watch (if you haven’t already) but here’s some quick thoughts:

  • How is the hell am I suppose to boo Adam Rose now knowing that he’s a hard working family man and he has a kid with a disability?
  • I never really cared either way about Corey Graves. But after watching this I’m happy he still has a job with WWE.
  • Why the hell did Xavier Woods have a turtle shell backpack containing toys?
  • If we’re all worried about the state of the company after Vince McMahon retires, a lot of those worries was put to rest watching Behind The Curtain. Triple H is portrayed like a real boss here.

I also included the web exclusive shorts about Tyler Breeze & Colin Cassady (That for some reason wasn’t included in the special).