FRO Horsemen: WWE Royal Rumble 2024 Thoughts & Predictions

Professional wrestling, basically WWE, has been in the news a lot lately. From WWE getting purchased by Endeavor to Monday Night Raw moving to Netflix after being on linear television for over 30 years (I won’t even mention the Vince McMahon stuff), a lot has been happening in World Wrestling Entertainment.

Another thing happening is a PPV PLE this Saturday, the annual WWE Royal Rumble event. This event is a favorite for many wrestling fans (me included), and I thought this was as good a time as any to reassemble the FRO Horsemen and give our thoughts and predictions on the event (I literally text in a group chat with Saule Wright and GQ-Blu about wrestling every day, so it makes sense).

(Note: They both also helped me with the TOP 10 BLACK WRESTLERS OF ALL TIME video that y’all slept on)

But first, let’s check out another thing I like about the Royal Rumble: the “By The Numbers” video that WWE puts out every year.

Check out the FRO Horsemen’s 2024 Royal Rumble Thoughts & Predictions below

WWE Men’s Royal Rumble 2024


GQ-BluWho Will Win: Gunther

The role of mid card titles was meant to be a testing ground for great work rate guys to see if they were ready for the main event. The IC title has been a great stepping stone for future world title holders like Randy Savage, Bret Hart, HBK and The Rock.

As the new longest reigning IC champion there doesn’t seem to be anything left for The Ring General to prove. He’s got the look. He’s menacing on the mic and his matches look brutal and realistic. With Seth needing time to rehab and Gunther planting the seeds by calling him out, this is the easiest path to insert Gunther into the title picture.

Saule WrightWho Will Win: Bobby Lashley

I’m famously over Homelander-I mean-Cody and this push. It’s not personal. I LOVED Cody during his run as Dashing, then unDashing. I think he did some of the best work, period. He left WWE and people seemed like they didn’t give a shit. He came back and all of a sudden he’s the favorite wrestler in the world (WWE) and I’m confused. If y’all hate Roman, Theory, even the first run of Drew as chosen guys, why the hell is Cody different? That said, there are a lot of great answers here, but I think Bobby is the answer and him going after Seth and bringing Montez and Dawkins with him for when he wins, and then they can deal with Imperium.

B-Easy Who Will Win: CM Punk

Initially I was gonna go with Cody Rhodes, (Because: “Finish The Story!!!), but I changed my mind and now I’m going with CM Punk. It feels like Punk has that special Brock Lesnar “part time” schedule and hasn’t really had a match on WWE TV since he has been back; WWE has to cash in on that soon right? Also, there is another story that needs to be finished, and that is for CM Punk to finally main event WrestleMania. Yeah, The Rock is back to steal another top spot at “The Grandest Stage of Them All” but this time that supposed spot he is taking at the top of the card might be Cody’s.


GQ-Blu – Who Should Win: Gunther

“Should” is a strong word that’s hard to quantify. A lot of guys “should” win the Rumble. There’s an argument that they need to shit or get off the pot with Cody Rhodes and his ongoing story. However, he won last year and until Trips decides whether he wants Reigns and Rock in Australia, Saudi Arabia or Mania the title picture is too murky. I know a lot of us think Cody is bullet proof but his character can’t come up short 2 years in a row at WrestleMania.

I know wrestling fans love swerves and miscues with our favorite soap opera. However, sometimes the best story is the easiest one to tell and follow. Again, Gunther makes all the sense in the world and it’s time to cement him as the next main event star.

Saule Wright – Who Should Win: Bobby Lashley

Considering this is to main event Mania, it has to be a top level start that makes sense. Jey Uso gets love ONLY because of the bloodline story, but I still say Bobby.

B-Easy – Who Should Win: Kofi Kingston

I know KofiMania was over 4 years go, but what is the point of having all of those highlights of Kofi Kingston dodging elimination in Royal Rumbles in inventive ways if he never actually won one. Matter of fact, Kofi has never even been in the final four of a Royal Rumble. Why not start up another campaign for the for WWE Champion and veteran? Plus, he is owed back for that 8-second Brock Lesnar championship match.


GQ-Blu – Who Do You Want To Win: Damian Priest

I honestly think Saule Wright got me on the Priest hype wagon and I think he got off before I did. I know I love the Judgment Day the most out of the group and I always wanna see those guys be on top. However, with each unsuccessful cash in attempt I worry Señor Money In The Bank is starting to lose his push so I just want to see anything that can get him to a world title happen.

Saule Wright – Who Do You Want To Win: Finn Balor or R-Truth

FINN BALOR: I’m a real fan of Rumble being where “dreams” are made. I don’t know that I have an answer that makes sense for that vision right now though. WWE is cooking and I think with the champions you have, it’s not the right time to pull a Jinder reign out. With Priest having the case, I’d make Finn win. Finn ends up ultimately deciding to get his revenge on Seth, wins, and Priest cashes in on him to win the title and end Judgement Day.

R-TRUTH: I’ve said this before but Truth is one of those we gotta get a run in. Seth is legitimately injured right now, a few different ways. I don’t know how you hold him off until Mania, but Truth winning the Rumble and heading to Mania just fucking feels right. WWE books Truth to be a comedy, but imagine the different ways you can have Truth talk about his title shot coming, play on the “Fingerpoke of Doom” stuff with Priest, etc. I think it gives the fans a little something fun and a great moment for Truth as well. I know that this is less likely than Ryback coming back and winning but it’s an answer I have.

B-Easy – Who Do You Want To Win: Dominik Mysterio

Fuck it. Let the main event run for Tom or Nick Mysterio begin. Either one is okay with me.


GQ-Blu – Surprise Entrant: Brock Lesnar

I imagine Brock hunts bears and eats 72 ounce steaks 5 times a day until he feels like getting another check. He’s probably ready to get off the couch.

Saule Wright – Surprise Entrant: Brock Lesnar

…It’s always Brock right? I just saw the other day Mr. Kennedy is taking bookings…curious timing. I’d be shocked and would welcome a Kennedy moment. Fans would love that.

B-Easy – Surprise Entrant: Brock Lesnar

It’s Mania season, he has to show up eventually right?

WWE Women’s Royal Rumble 2024


GQ-Blu – Who Will Win: Bayley

If Becky Lynch didn’t already have a program with Rhea Mami Ripley I ‘d say her, but since she does Bayley makes sense. They’ve been teasing her getting kicked out of Damage CTRL for months so it seems like it’s time to finally pull the trigger.

Plus it’s time for The Hugger Bayley to come back. I like heel Bayley fine enough but there’s too much money in her being a babyface. I know they tried it when she first got called up but I think as long as smooth some of those edges you go back to that well.

Saule Wright – Who Will Win: #Baeanca (BIANCA BELAIR)

Keeping in line with my previous prediction, #Baeanca coming to Raw to take on Rhea, Bobby and The Profits going after Seth and eventually dealing with Priest, I think you’re pitting faction against faction and the numbers look good this way

B-Easy – Who Will Win: Bayley

Bayley deserves this for basically being the backbone of the women’s division plus it aligns well with the Damage CTRL storyline. Her Royal Rumble victory could lead to a WrestleMania challenge against Iyo Sky especially once she discovers that Iyo, Kairi, and Asuka have been talking shit about her in Japanese for months.


GQ-Blu – Who Should Win: Jade Cargill

Again, this comes down to how you define “should”.

In this case I am NOT saying Jade (hi boo) is the most DESERVING superstar. What I am saying is that all the hype that surrounded her signing and stealing her way from AEW made it SEEM like she was ready to be a day one main eventer. Remember that tease she had with Charlotte Flair on Smackdown?? Remember when the dirt sheets said she was gonna skip NXT and go straight to the main roster?

Yet we’ve barely heard or seen anything about Jade since she got signed, which leads me to believe she’s not the commodity that Trips thought he was getting. I don’t think she wins, but her booking in this match will be very interesting to see where the company thinks she is in terms of being main roster ready.

If she’s not the iron woman of the match or at least final four I think it’ll be a huge letdown.

Saule Wright – Who Should Win: Bayley

Bayley winning and not immediately saying she wants to go after Rhea will spark her getting kicked out of Damage CTRL. It also puts her in a great position to end up with Sasha and Naomi as her new squad to face her former friends in Damage CTRL. I think by then they will also have the women’s tag team belts so Sasha and Naomi coming to get what they never lost is the story going into Mania.

B-Easy – Who Should Win: Bayley

Yeah. Let Bayley win.


GQ-Blu – Who Do You Want To Win: Asuka

I just really like Asuka. 🤷🏽‍♂️

Saule Wright – Who Do You Want To Win: ??????

I don’t really know here. Cora Jade would have been my pick because I think she does some good stuff for the brand and the fans but she’s injured. I also really fuck with Zoey Stark. I just don’t know that they’ve built her up to be a main event level star. Ultimately, that’s the problem with WWE, the Women’s division is built so they have the top tier and then everyone else. I don’t think anyone new has broken into that top tier. I’d also say that’s evident with forgettable title runs from Asuka and Iyo. Not that they did anything wrong, but I don’t think they have been built to be stars.

Top level is really #Baeanca, Rhea, Charlotte, Becks… Bayley when she’s on her shit. Then everyone else. Again, I’m not saying the other women there aren’t good, I just don’t think WWE has made any real effort to make us think any of the other women could be or should be champion at any point in the near future.

B-Easy – Who Do You Want To Win: Bayley or (Spoiler Alert) Sasha Banks

Rooting for Bayley, but also open to Sasha Banks entering the fray, especially if Bayley doesn’t clinch the win. It could add an intriguing dynamic to her decision between Sasha Banks and Damage CTRL.


GQ-Blu – Surprise Entrant: Alexa Bliss

If I’m not mistaken Bliss has been on maternity leave. Even having to carry that awful Fiend gimmick (RIP Bray) she’s still one of the best characters ever to grace the women’s divisions. I’m willing to call Alexa the best women’s promo of all time, and her ring work, though not the best, has always been solid. I’m ready to see her back in WWE..

Saule Wright – Surprise Entrant(s): Sasha Banks, Naomi, or Jade Cargill

I think the women’s Rumble will have the most surprises. I think we’ll get a good amount of women’s NXT love in this match as well as the usual legends popping up. The roof will come off when Naomi comes in, probably early. Jade will come in around the last 10. Sasha will be in the final 5 entrants. I think Jade will be eliminated by someone like Stratton or a returning Raquel Rodriquez and that will determine where she lands ultimately and what her first feud is. After Vengeance Day we have the Elimination Chamber and I could see a story running through those events for Jade with either woman. Sasha and Naomi would take less work to get them something to do but all 3 women will be booked and busy without needing to win the Rumble to do so.

B-Easy – Surprise Entrant: Sasha Banks

If Bayley doesn’t win, I’m all for her having to choose sides between Sasha Banks and Damage CTRL and the climax or finale of that storyline happening at Mania.