Videos: Big Sean – “All Your Fault” feat. Kanye West + “I Know” feat. Jhene Aiko

All Your Fault

I Know

I have no idea why Big Sean dropped two music videos today but it happened and I think we should be thankful.

The first is the Kanye West featured “All Your Fault”. Yeezy makes an appearance here unlike in Sean’s other recent video for “One Man Can Change the World”. The basic premise of the vides is Sean and Kanye performing on stage. The filter on the visuals are either great or annoying but in all it’s an okay video directed by Mark Mayer.

The second video, and probably the best out of the two, is the Jhene Aiko featured “I Know”. The thing that makes this video good is that it features Sean and Jhene dressed up as old people who find love at a retirement home. I cosign it because I’m hoping to get my pimpin’ on when I get to that stage of my life. The music video was directed by Lawrence Lamont.

Both of this songs live on Big Sean’s latest album Dark Sky Paradise. Check out our review here.