Notable Tracks: Kanye West, Vince Staples, & Childish Gambino

This edition of Notable Tracks is primarily me still going through albums in my backlog and picking songs from them, but I also include one that surfaced from a recent major music leak. I’m sure the suspense is killing you so let’s dive in.

Kanye West feat. Travis Scott – “Can U Be (Pressure)”

In what some are calling one of the biggest song leaks in musical history, hundreds of unreleased tracks from artists like Kanye West, Travis Scott, and A$AP Rocky have surfaced online. (There were like over 130 songs by Gunna, which is crazy) This leak was due to hacks, and the songs were then purchased by fans through “Group Buys,” where fans worldwide pool their money to obtain leaked audio. The standout among these tracks seems to be Kanye West’s “Can U Be (Pressure)” featuring Travis Scott. The song is okay; I think it was more about fans finally hearing the full version, which has been discussed on message boards and forums for about seven years. Either way, you can now check out the full version of “Can U Be (Pressure)”.

Vince Staples – “Étouffée”

Last week, Vince Staples dropped his sixth studio album, Dark Times, which also marks his final release with Def Jam. For those unfamiliar with Vince Staples as a rapper, his music might come as a surprise. While he’s known for his humor on the internet and his Netflix show, his music tends to be more introspective and less about producing club or radio hits. That’s not to say his music isn’t good—it often is. I’ve enjoyed Vince Staples’ past projects, and after hearing him talk about sync placement on Drink Champs, it’s clear he isn’t worried about album sales. I’m rambling now, but you should definitely check out my favorite track from Dark Times (so far), “Étouffée”. (Watch out for the “Get The Gat” sample at the end.)

Childish Gambino feat. 21 Savage, Ink, & Kadhja Bonet – “Psilocybae (Millennial Love)”

I think the idea of Childish Gambino reworking an album is pretty cool. He essentially expanded on his 2020 album 3.15.20 with the recent release of Atavista, to the point that he removed 3.15.20 from streaming platforms. My only issue is that I barely remember 3.15.20 (all I recall is “Feel Like Summer,” was on it, which is probably why he reissued another version). I’m planning to revisit 3.15.20 and then listen to Atavista to get the full experience. Interestingly, the song I’m highlighting today wasn’t significantly altered (as far as I can tell) aside from the title. Originally called “12.38” on 3.15.20, it’s now titled “Psilocybae (Millennial Love)” and still features the same verse from 21 Savage.