WWE Night of Champions Recap & Review: Seth Loses… And Wins

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Ryback vs Owens

Ryback vs Kevin Owens
WWE Intercontinental Championship Match

This match definitely exceeded expectations, heading into this match it was difficult to tell if these men would have chemistry together and be able to put on a good match. Loved the dissection of Ryback’s left arm throughout the match, it worked well and played into the match perfectly and created a big weakness for Ryback being unable to use his strength against Owens. The ending of the match wasn’t great and would have been a lot better if Owens hadn’t won with a roll up but at the same time it’s great to see Kevin Owens as the new Intercontinental Champion.

Overall: It was a short match but a good match, the in ring psychology was definitely the highlight of this match, Owens was great at picking apart Rybacks left arm, and using rest holds to his advantage and having them play into the match.

Move of the Match: Gorilla Press Out of the Ring

Gorilla Press

Match Rating: Two & 1/2 Stars

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