R&B Sunday: Tinashe – Amethyst [Mixtape]

Nowadays music is just different (puts on velcro shoes and lights pipe). What was once R&B and soulful is now house and dance. What was once slow melodic songs with nice basslines has become pulsing basslines and sonic warbles all over the place. I flat out miss a good R&B album. Against that very backdrop, Tinashe decided to give us a nice current R&B album for free this year that I think you should check out that still different from what I described.

With this offering Tinashe doesn’t try to do too much nor is it heavy and dramatically serious. You’re not going to get the same soulful sound or presentation of music you’d get from older artist but instead, you get music from an artist that knows her sound and her instrument to create her own lane. She does a good job of using her voice and production to create audio scenes for each song with an ear for consistent environment even when the tempos change.

With her debut album out the way and collaborations picking up, I think we’ll see and hear a lot more from here in the near future, and that’s a good thing.

Give this one a spin, let me know what you think.