R&B Sunday: Marla B Spirit – “Lost And Found”

Lost And Found

I don’t how or why, but I came home from work Friday night and began watching a local access show while packing my bags for a weekend trip. The show featured a woman singing with a fedora I couldn’t stop staring at (I’m not the biggest fan of fedoras. I was happy when I saw her take it off. HA!) and a DJ. After she introduced herself and listed off her occupations as singer, MC, writer, and dancer, I  hit Google to find the name of this song and learn more about Marla B Spirit.

From New Orleans, but had to relocate to Dallas, because of Hurricane Katrina. Marla B Spirit was the frontwoman of the R&B/Soul/Hip-Hop/Funk band, Soul Remedy. “Lost And Found” is from her debut solo album, Scorpio Blues. Enjoy! Happy Sunday!