Chance The Rapper – Coloring Book [Mixtape]

Coloring Book

First off, you got to hand it to Chance the Rapper for drumming up anticipation for his latest project. And it’s finally here: Chance 3 Coloring Book. Streaming on Apple Music.

Wait. Apple Music? I thought this was goona be a free project? What about the petition to have free projects be recognized by the Grammys? What was that all about? Maybe it’ll be free later?

But even if Coloring Book is never free, you can’t be mad at an artist trying to actually get paid for his work.

Coloring Book is 14 tracks longs and features names like Kanye West, Future, Justin Bieber, Jay Electronica, and Lil’ Wayne; just to name a few. Stream below.

Update #1: Added DatPiff stream & download link.

Update #2: So supposedly Coloring Book was supposed to be an Apple Music exclusive for the next two weeks. But DatPiff almost immediately put up the project (We embedded the stream below around this time too). The project was up for around 11 hours and accumulated 825,000 views, 207,000 streams, and 141,000 downloadsIt has now it’s been pulled.