WWE Backlash 2016 Results: AJ Styles is Champion

ajI know. It’s been a minute since I did a PPV Recap. I attribute that to a few things like me being lazy and shows like The Night Of. But we back and it’s seems like a good time to return with SmackDown’s inaugural pay-per-view WWE Backlash.

Pre Show:

It feels sorta wack throwing Baron Corbin versus Apollo Crews on the pre-show with no backstory, but the match was pretty good. I’m not mad at Corbin winning with the End of Days, but they gotta find some direction for Apollo. At this point he’s just the Black version of Neville; very talented but with nothing going.

Becky Lynch Becomes The First WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion:

The women started off the main show and put in work. I love almost ANY form of elimination matches and this was great. It felt like everybody had time to shine; especially Naomi and Alexa “Harley Quinn” Bliss. Bliss has been my favorite female wrestler in the company for a minute so it’s good to see everybody realizing how dope she is. Back to Naomi; I’m wondering when she’ll ever truly get a shot with the title. She’s the most athletic out of the division and she’s done a lot to repackage herself. #GiveNaomiAChance

After saying all that, Becky Lynch winning and becoming the first SmackDown Women’s Champion was the right decision. She the last of the Four Horsewomen to win gold in the WWE and it was time.

Heath Slater & Rhyno Are Your New WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions:

I can’t believe WWE pulled the trigger and made Heath Slater & Rhyno the first WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champions. My thoughts was that The (newly heel) Usos would win and American Alpha would then chase the title. Not only did Heath & Rhyno win but they won clean. It’s actually makes sense seeing as this team may be one of the most over on SmackDown. This is what the brand split was made for. Heath also now has a contract and can finally feed his kids and go to Golden Corral and Dollywood.

AJ Styles Wins:

Out of all the matches of the card, AJ Styles versus Dean Ambrose for the WWE World Championship was the most unpredictable. Would the WWE really put Smackdown’s main title on AJ? After a great match, the answer was yes. I’m gonna reference the brand split again because I’m not sure if AJ would’ve won the WWE Championship without it. AJ Styles is now the only man to be NWA, TNA, NJPW, & WWE Champion. And he deserves it. Matter of fact, let’s make him holding the title the GIF of the Night:



Kane beat Bray Wyatt. What the fuck?! Reports were out that Randy Orton was legit injured before the show so Bray attacked his leg before their match and Randy couldn’t compete. The replacement was Kane and he beat Bray in a No Holds Barred match (With a little help in the form of a RKO). Bray may think he’s a god but he’s a god that loses a lot and that’s sad.

I missed saying this earlier but I’m feeling the heel version of The Usos. If going heel now means wearing black gear, Air Force 1’s, and gold grills, I think I’m all in.

The Miz won and retained the Intercontinental Title after Maryse sprayed hairspray Dolph Ziggler‘s face. More proof that a down ass chick by your side beats almost anything.

Backlash was over at around 10:30pm EST and at 2 hours and a half it was still shorter that Monday Night Raw.

Speaking of which: See y’all in two weeks for the Raw brand’s Clash of Champions. Maybe.