R&B Sunday: SZA – “twoAM”

szaIt’s unfortunate that PartyNextDoor was written off as a clone of The Weeknd when he was introduced to the world. The OVO singer should be enjoying the spoils of his hard work, gaining a fanbase and writing, “Work”, the biggest hit of 2016 for Rihanna. Unfortunately, his latest project, P3, experienced delays and was released with little critical or commercial  praise.

The bright spot is that his Drake assisted single, “Come And See Me” is finally being picked up by terrestrial radio. (Does anyone remember or care that the video had Kylie Jenner as his leading lady and lead to rumors of them dating?) As a PND advocate (“Break From Toronto” & “Sex On The Beach” are dope as hell) I hope he recovers from this mis-step in his career, but SZA‘s version of “Come And See Me” can get played repeatedly throughout the day.

“twoAM” appeared on TDE’s Soundcloud page 5 months ago and 2 million plays later it only builds the anticipation for SZA’s next release and continues to be the proof that she’s one of the best new R&B singers.