My Weekly TV Schedule: Short-T (Spring 2017 Edition)

WOOOOOO!!!!!!! Issa Rae announced the next season of her critically acclaimed, Black Twitter debate haven, HBO series Insecure premieres on July 23rd. This announcement and constant trailers from Netflix’s YouTube channel made me revisit a post I made two years ago (Whoa, I thought it was last year. Look at the shows I don’t watch anymore or got cancelled. Anyone remember Hindsight on VH1?). Here’s my Spring 2017 TV schedule. TV Talk!

Sunday: Veep (Sixth (Final?) Season Begins April 16)

Monday: The BreaksBates Motel (It’s the final season of a great cast and story, plus it has Rihanna), 24: Legacy (I didn’t watch the original Kiefer Sutherland incarnation, enjoyed the Bobby Lee spoofs on MadTV, but had no interest in the FOX show. I gave it a chance because of the new Black lead, Corey Hawkins, and now I look forward to it every Monday.)

Tuesday: Fresh Off The Boat

Wednesday: Black Ink Crew (Thank you to Saule and Jerm doing recaps on every FROCAST. Brad and Angelina. T.I. and Tiny. No More Ceaser & Dutchess? Say it ain’t so. #BlackLove), BlackIshLopez (I purposely didn’t watch the video of him degrading a woman during his set last month, because I want to watch this. Never a fan of The George Lopez Show or his late-night show, but this format in the style of Louie and The Jim Gaffigan Show works for me.), Fargo (April 19th), The Carmichael Show (May 31)

Thursday: Riverdale, (I really thought that this was going to be like the Scream series on MTV with bland characters, but the CW series is diversified and well written with its mystery that keeps me guessing. I call it Bates Motel meets Degrassi), Always Sunny, Superstore

The following shows deserve their own section. This section is designated for the programs that I will either be binging over a weekend because of how much I enjoy them or in true juxtaposition, these are shows I like but don’t see as needing immediate watch; I can let the episodes build On Demand and I will catch them when I’m free. I have so many episodes of New Girl to watch.

Netflix: Chewing Gum (April 4th), The Get Down (April 7th), Dear White People (April 28) Master Of None (May 12)

Angie Tribeca (April 10), Archer: Dreamland (April 5th), Making History (Didn’t expect much from a time travel show, especially since NBC has one with Timeless, but Adam Pally is funny and Happy Endings alumni so I had to support. I recommend watching, I look forward to the season.), Teachers (Maybe TVLand actually added more episodes since last month now that the second season is over.), Brooklyn Nine-Nine (April 11).