My Weekly TV Schedule: Short-T

Watching TV

My coworker has been trying to get me to watch ‘The Walking Dead’ for months. She LOVES the show. I finally watched the first episode a couple of weeks ago and I enjoyed it. I told her my review and she was ecstatic. A few days later, she was asking if I had watched anymore episodes and I told that I haven’t. She was disappointed and didn’t understand why I haven’t been catching up. While I was entertained by the show, it’s not a priority to me like it is for her. I ask her what else does she watch and she couldn’t tell me any new or current show. ‘The Walking Dead’ is the main thing she watches. For me there are a lot of show I watch in a week. Over the course of seven days, I have this planned out without even trying. (This is off the top of my head. I believe that’s everything I watch in a week, that is new. I’m not listing ‘Martin,’ ‘Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air,’ etc. reruns.)






Friday & Saturday are the days when I actually watch all these shows on demand. Oh, and The Soup, a show about making fun of current shows

What do you watch in a week?

(It’s funny how certain channels don’t enter my week. I don’t watch anything on CBS or CW.)

Fun Fact: I don’t plan on buying a TV when I move out & get my apartment. I stare at screens all day with my phone, laptop, & work computer. It would be nice to have some time away from one screen. I’ll gladly sacrifice TV time to be able to read and write more.