Song of the Week: Lil Wayne – “Swizzy (Remix)”

At one point a time I was writing an article called “The Death of Lil Wayne’s Career”. I never finished that article because I came to the conclusion that with all of the influence that his career has on the current generation, Weezy is due for a career resurgence.

Then I saw Swizz Beatz’s Instagram where he previewed a song featuring Lil Wayne off his album:


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You hear that shit? That’s sounds like a rejuvenated Weezy. That’s sounds like Da Drought 3 Weezy. That sounds like Mixtape Weezy.

While we wait for that song to get released, let’s listen to the closest thing: “Swizzy (Remix)” AKA Lil Wayne rapping over Swizz Beatz’s “It’s Me Bitches” AKA Swizz & Wayne are a highly underrated duo.