Short-T’s Most Anticipated Horror Films of Fall 2017

I’m mad! After all the waiting, false starts, bad information, rumors, criminal convictions, and more; I couldn’t believe that I was actually watching a teaser trailer for ‘Jeepers Creepers 3.’

One Night Only!?! What is this? I watched the 30-second trailer at least 3 times and saw nothing special. There was nothing about it that made me go buy a ticket for opening night. According to IMDB, this film is set between the first and second film.  If so, then why am I watching this knowing that he lives on to terrorize a bus full of young, dumb, broke high school kids? I can not believe I waited years for this. They have Gina Phillips reprising her character, Trish, from the original, but not Patrica Belcher, who killed it as the judge on the criminally slept on NBC sitcom, Trial and Error this year, she won’t be returning as Jezelle Hartman, the woman that warns the brother-sister protagonists, played by Phillips and Justin Long, who is rumored to have a cameo as he did in Jeepers Creepers 2, but only as archive footage.

I remember reading a while ago that the third and final installment from director Victor Salva was going to take place where the sequel left off in 2003. 23 years after the events of JC2, Trish, Jezelle, and Jack Jr. team up to stop “The Creeper” and avenge the deaths of their respective brothers. That’s what I was expecting to see, NOT THIS! I’m going to cool down from my anger and highlight some horror films I’m looking forward to in what little bit of 2017 we have left. 2016 wasn’t a stellar year, but there were some standouts like Don’t Breathe, Lights Out, and The Shallows. 2017 has started off on a good note with Split. So far, I do have two “horror” movies on my Top 5 list of “Favorite Movies I’ve Seen This Year”, Get Out and The Belko ExperimentGet Out, as of now, is the most profitable film this year earning $252 million on a $4.5 million filming/production budget. These four theatrical films have a chance to continue to succeed at the box-office, satisfy die-hard fans of the scary genre, and most importantly, make my top ten list of the year.