Finally!!! The Trailer For ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ Is Here

With all of the controversy, firings, and reshoots that cut out Michael K Williams’ character, the only problem that I have been having with the latest Star Wars tale is that it is being released in the summer instead of the usual Christmas date that it has been conquering with its last three entries in the canon George Lucas built. May 25, 2018, Memorial Day Weekend, is the day we will see the beginning of the legend that was birthed by Harrison Ford. Judging by the first official trailer, I am definitely getting a serious tone from Ron Howard, but to be expected there will be some laughs.

Anticipation has been low lately, but I have hope in Solo: A Star Wars Story, (I really don’t like the title of the film) because I am a Star Wars fan and a Donald Glover fan; that is enough for me to buy a ticket.