Song of the Week: The Game feat. King Marie & Ty Dolla $ign – “On One”

This is another Song of the Week that basically comes from me going through my iTunes. During that time I (re)discovered a few things about The Game feat. King Marie & Ty Dolla $ign – “On One”:

  • I totally forget that The Game released Blood Moon: Year of the Wolf in 2014 (An album we actually reviewed). It’s technically a compilation album for Game’s Blood Money Entertainment, but of course I forgot that too.
  • I like “On One” featuring King Marie & Ty Dolla Sign a lot. So much in fact that I gave it a 5 Stars rating on my iTunes. Only 4% of my music library get that honored distinction.
  • Speaking of King Marie: What the fuck happened to King Marie? She has a really nice voice on this song. She was apparently signed to Game’s record label so that probably explains a lot about her career. Damn.
  • This song is almost too damn trendy. The Game says shit like “Bae trippin” and one of Ty Dolla $ign’s first words in his verse are “She give me that wet wet”. I’m surprise this song didn’t become a huge hit.
  • The hook is the standout on this song. I know that’s important on most songs but this hook is catchy as shit.
  • Seriously, what the hell happened to King Marie? I looked for her on social media and I found a YouTube and Instagram. I’m not even sure if its her though. I’m too lazy to do more research.

Check out the Song of the Week below.