Watch The First Episode Of Showtime’s Don Cheadle Wall Street Dramedy, ‘Black Monday’

CONFESSION: I have only seen two episodes of The Chi, loved them, but I have not finished the entire first season yet.

It’s official! I will be checking Showtime more in 2019. Season two of The Chi, the premiere of the Desus and Mero late night talk show in February, and the premiere of Black Monday starring Don Cheadle and Regina Hall.

Set in 1986, exactly one year before the stock market had its worst crash ever, brokers and brokerage firms had heaven on earth with angels delivering cocaine on platinum platters. Don Cheadle plays Maurice Monroe, the embodiment of work hard, play hard at any cost. He rides around in a Lamborghini limousine. Think about how ridiculous that sounds.

In the premiere episode, Monroe tries to give himself the best gift for his 39th birthday, majority share of the popular jeans brand, Georgina. His obstacles include his team doubting the possibility of the task, breaking a deal with the twin brothers (played expertly by Ken Marino), and a new guy on the trading floor that’s may bring it all together played by Andrew Rannells. The season starts January 20th, but Showtime has released the premiere episode in full. Enjoy.