Song of the Week: Tame Impala – “New Person, Same Old Mistakes”

See? That’s what happens when I try to cheat. I’m taking a social media hiatus. I said it was going to be at least two weeks without, then I reached that goal and decided to keep it going longer. No Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for me for a while. I might be done with Tinder permanently as well. This week, I cheated a little bit and stumbled upon The Shaderoom’s Instagram, because I’m never going to their site, honestly. We all enjoy the Shaderoom for the comments under their IG posts. #CommentCreepin

Wednesday, Coachella released their lineup for this year’s festival. Seems like just yesterday the King of R&B, Beyonce, blessed us with Beychella. The headliners for the two-weekend musical experience were as follows: Childish Gambino on Friday, Tame Impala on Saturday, and Ariana Grande on Sunday. Congratulations to Ari for being the youngest headliner in Coachella history. I’m glad to see Donald back to performing after breaking his foot at the Dallas show I attended back in September. This seems like a fitting finale to his musical persona. Hopefully, it comes with an official released project or at least he makes “Human Sacrifice”, a song he debuted on the This Is America Tour, and “Saturday”, the second song he performed on Saturday Night Live available on streaming services.

One of my favorite bands is making their return to Indio, California with the promise of new music allegedly before their April date. The Australian psychedelic-rock band has been on hiatus since their third album, ‘Currents in 2015. Frontman Kevin Parker has produced for Kali Uchis and Super Bowl Halftime performer, Travis Scott, and even survived the California wildfires in the past year. I was disgusted to see the the #Roommates under the Coachella post asking “Who is Tame Impala?” when in actuality I shouldn’t be surprised at the Shaderoom audience for not knowing. Of the three headliners, they’re the least known, but in 2019, people gotta stop asking “who” and start asking for recommendations instead. I’m going to work on a playlist of the people I’m excited to watch live on YouTube because I’m not trying to be in a desert avoiding catching Coachella cough. (Real thing. Look it up!) Listen to some Tame and try listening to new music this year people. Happy New Year!