Lizzo – “Juice” [Video]

I’m one of those weird music fans/listeners. Sometimes it doesn’t take a song from an artist to make me listen to their music. I know who Lizzo is; I’ve enjoyed her interviews and podcast appearances; (Didn’t know she had her own podcast on Spotify) I’ve listened to “Good As Hell” and other songs from her and enjoyed them, but I was never the one to always be checking for her until… The video of her performing the flute section of “Big Shot” on stage with a flute and doing the “Shoot” dance with her back-up dancers has me checking for her in 2019. Yes, I know, weird.

The rapper-signer-flutist from Detroit/Houston/Minneapolis caps her week off with not only the announcement of her performing at Coachella this spring, but she also releases her first video of  2019. The 80’s influenced video for “Juice” lets us know that she has the power to be in charge of any and everything she wants. Enjoy and watch out for Lizzo this year.