Alt-Day Sunday: Billie Eilish – “wish you were gay”

I’ve seen the name Billie Eilish around the interwebs and just kept scrolling because I thought she was an obnoxious child-pop star; a normal reaction when an adult see a teen girl with blue hair and baggy clothes. One episode of Hot Ones changed all that. Based off of her personality, I took a chance when I saw her album WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO? under new releases on my TIDAL one day at work. Entirely produced by and co-written by her older brother, Finneas, the album has been seeing critical and fan reception at an all-time high. Fast forward to me at 12:30 AM watching her Coachella performance between Weezer and Tame Impala where she easily had one of the best performances in the desert even when she flubbed the lyrics to “all the good girls go to hell.”

According to Genius, the song “wish you were gay” is just Billie wanting the boy that she likes to break up with her because he is unable to be in a relationship with her because of his sexual orientation instead of her just not being the right one for him. That is such a teenager mindset!

Watch her interview with Rob Markman for Genius about her debut album. Only 17, but really seems to have a grasp on artistic integrity. I’m realizing as I write that I am really a fan now.

I would pick a song that doesn’t have one of her outlandish and visually stunning visuals…hopefully soon. I’m going to leave yall with “bury a friend.” I can’t do “bad guy” because I have Music Video Sins stuck in my head when I watch that video now.

Happy National Crawfish Day!