Drake – “Taylor Made Freestyle”

So Drake has dropped another diss song towards Kendrick Lamar, featuring *read notes* AI verses from Snoop Dogg and 2Pac? Yeah, that’s a thing on Drizzy’s latest track, “Taylor Made Freestyle.”

Drake is basically trying to use the same playbook he did with his Meek Mill beef, dropping two consecutive disses with no response. (This song was dropped on Drake’s Instagram with the caption “While we wait on you I guess.”)

I’m also wondering if Drake hit up the guy who made that AI Kendrick song that everybody thought was real. (That would be kind of funny and meta.) The first verse is Pac addressing where Kendrick’s response is at, the second verse is Snoop kind of doing the same thing (I kind of feel like for enough money, Uncle Snoop would have been available), with the last verse being Drake praising Taylor Swift, saying she is the reason K.Dot hasn’t responded, implying that Kendrick is struggling to come up with a response and basically threatening him with another diss song.

“Push Up” recently went to music streaming services. I’m pretty sure we won’t see the same thing with “Taylor Made Freestyle.” Check it out below.