Lowkey: Juvenile & Birdman’s ‘Just Another Gangsta’ is a Really Good Album

I feel like no one is saying this enough, but Juvenile & Birdman‘s joint album, Just Another Gangsta, is a well-done project. The D-Roc produced album is a reunion that has been years in the making, but honestly I didn’t think was going to be good. I was expecting more from the former Hot Boy than I was from the former Big Tymer. I was justified in hearing mostly Juve on the album, but I’ll give credit to Baby for his appearances being placed in moments when the songs needed him.

This post is to catch y’all up on what y’all been missing. Sure, most of the videos are them on the way to do promo for the album, but that’s just Cash Money Records properly handling their promo budget and the promo run has actually been extremely entertaining and enlightening. 

I have been waiting on this interview since N.O.R.E posted it on his socials 2 weeks ago. Shoutout to ItsTheReal for their interview with Juvenile & Birdman as well, very funny. I know I’m asking for a lot when I say this, but I hope this interview is more serious or at least Baby opens up more and actually goes into detail about the losses he has taken in the last few years. Does Birdman still make GT Vodka?

Birdman sits with the #DrinkChamps N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN to talk all about Cash Money taking over for the 99’s and the 2000’s, his relationship with Lil Wayne, his gift of discovering stars like Drake and Nicki Minaj & more.

This time, they’re in a van for the “Back Then” video.

They were on Wendy?