R&B Monday: Chloe X Halle – “Who Knew”

I thought it was too late to post new songs from Chloe X Halle. I thought it was too late to post for R&B Sunday, but I just watched the new Mulan teaser trailer and have something to say.

I’ve been very vocal about my disdain for the NFL and its relationship with Black people. I remember side-eyeing any Super Bowl performer, including the wickedly-talented sister duo of Chloe X Halle. The Atlanta natives performed “America The Beautiful” (Wow, the irony!) before kick-off. With possible backlash, the Grammy nominees sang their hearts out and did what they were supposed to do as entertainers. Unfortunately, there are some people in this “beautiful” country that do not want Black entertainers to entertain if it means a white entertainer misses an opportunity.

Halle Bailey, younger sister to her Grown-ish co-star, Chloe Bailey, was announced as the new Ariel in Disney’s live-action remake of The Little Mermaid. For years, Chloe Grace Moritz was rumored to play the fish out of water in the latest adaptation from the house built by the mouse. As a fan of their music and appearances on the Freeform show (A channel very supportive and defensive of their star), I said “okay” and moved on to the next article on the entertainment website until I made the regrettable decision of reading the comment section. “Ariel is white!” No, Ariel was drawn white, not born white, because she’s a cartoon character. “Create  a new Black character, stop Black-washing, you Social-Justice Warriors.” No, Disney would rather update their properties and profit from and decided to give opportunities to fresh talent that will generate back revenue from people that protest and stick to the original while bringing in money from new viewers. You see, it doesn’t matter because Disney is going to eat whether her hair is red or dreaded. Gasp. What if they…. no, that would be crazy if they just dyed her hair. The real anger should come from her not already having a tail and gills.

Anywho, I think the Bailey sisters are smart enough to learn from this experience. They probably already realized the lack of opportunities Black people get before they’re controversial and don’t regret singing at the Super Bowl. Part of their come-up is singing the national anthem at the NFL Draft and Wrestlemania, but I still wish to know if they had any reservation before singing back in February. Enjoy their new music from the Grown-ish soundtrack. Happy Monday!

“Who Knew”

“Thinkin Bout Me”