Alt-Day Sunday: Jane Child – “Don’t Wanna Fall In Love”

Let me tell you where I was when I first heard Jane Child‘s “Don’t Want To Fall In Love”:

It’s 1989. I’m 28. I’m living in Manhattan in a one-bedroom apartment with four roommates. It’s Friday and I’m at a club. I just took a bump of cocaine in the bathroom. I walk to the dance floor as “Don’t Want To Fall In Love” comes on the speakers and I’m like:

Okay. Some of that story isn’t true. I’m not that old and the club was actually in New Jersey.

All jokes aside. I really remember when this song originally came out and I always thought it was the jam. I recently thought about this song because a co-worker was talking about getting a nose piercing and connecting it to his earring (Don’t ask) and I said, “Just like that white lady with the braids who sang “Don’t Want To Fall In Love?” He didn’t know who that was so I had to show him on the internet and now I’m back bumping this song like I never heard it before (Like my mother didn’t buy the cassette with the lyrics on the inside). And that’s how I chose today’s song for Alt-Day Sunday.

Sidenote #1: Before it comes up, yes I do know that Kyle sampled/remade this song a few years ago. I also don’t acknowledge it.

Sidenote #2: The Teddy Riley remix is pretty good too. (Also below)