Griselda – “Fire In The Booth (Freestyle)” [Video]

At this point it needs to be understood that if Griselda drops a song or video or freestyle, it’s a good chance that I’m posting it. With that being said, Benny The Butcher, Conway, & Westside Gunn (along with Rick Hyde) made the trek to the U.K. and made an appearance on DJ Charlie Sloth’s “Fire in the Booth” series on Beats 1 Radio. And they didn’t disappoint. A few thoughts:

Uh, I took a loss, but now I’m back buyin’ raw
Sell it for the Shaq, but I get it for the Bryan Shaw
Lettin’ off this MAC, got you niggas tryna climb a wall
I put the pressure on your shooters like Kawhi the Klaw (Mmm)
And every verse, I’m applying more
Heard 6ix9ine testified, I ain’t surprised at all (Fuck it)
We do the walk-ups, my nigga, we ain’t drivin’ by
I brought Flee with me, and he been dyin’ to slide
My nigga did twelve years for lettin’ iron fly
Left when he was 16, he came home Zion-sized (Mmm)
My doctor mad that I wouldn’t let him operate
I bounced back and I just make more money than my doctor make
Violate and you gettin’ a surgeon and a doctor date
I’m like a helicopter landin’, all the noise my chopper make

Boom boom boom. Check out the video below and our review of WWCD here.