Playlist: Travis vs. Tyler

Every weekend, we’re checking to see who are the next two heavyweights to battle on Instagram due to our quarantine boredom. I had an interesting idea for a battle. There are two young artists/producers that have devoted fanbases, their own festivals, and styles that don’t traditionally reflect their hometowns that I would love to see in a battle. Travis Scott VERZUZ versus Tyler, The Creator!

Astroworld vs. IGOR. One pissed off Nicki Minaj with their #1 album, the other one pissed off DJ Khaled. Both have resentment toward the Recording Academy for their lack of nominations in the overall categories i.e. Album of the Year. Enough with the similarities; let’s break this down. Which song was a better “I’ve Arrived” moment: “Yonkers” or “Antidote”? Who has the better song with Pusha T? Better song with Frank Ocean? Who makes better songs with their best friend: Tyler & Rocky or Travis & Young Thug? Who has the better “Oh. I didn’t know they made this beat” song? This is a matchup I’m speaking into existence and until that faithful post on @Verzuz, enjoy this playlist of 40 potential songs from two artists I want to see battle.