Recently Watched: Becky, Servant, & You Cannot Kill David Arquette

In the third edition of Recently Watched (Thought I forgot about it, huh?), we talk about Lil Becky with the blood lust, the baby for American Sniper, and a former WCW World Heavyweight Champion. Let’s go.


Movie • VOD • Release Date: June 5, 2020

While Disney is rebooting Home Alone, we already got a grittier version of that in Becky. Plus we get Paul motherfuckin’ Blart as racist skinhead villain.

I appreciate the movie that Becky is. It’s bloody and is basically an action movie with the lead being played by a thirteen-year-old girl. How did a teenage white girl learn to kill escaped convicts? Who knows? But it’s a fun watch.


TV Series • Apple TV+ • Release Date: November 28, 2019

Servant is a five hour M. Night Shyamalan movie disguised as an Apple TV+ series. With Apple products. The ten episodes have all the twists and creepiness you would expect and still keeps the visual quality of a high budget movie.

The series can be a slow burner so I can see that turning some people off, but the atmosphere and attention to detail had me hooked by the first episode. Thankfully Apple has already renewed Servant for another season. Maybe my new fear of dolls will be gone by the time it comes out.


You Cannot Kill David Arquette
Movie • VOD • Release Date: August 21, 2020

Some people may know him as Deputy Dwight “Dewey” Riley for the Scream movies or Courteney Cox’s ex-husband, but to me, David Arquette will always be the 44th WCW World Heavyweight Champion (and one of the many reasons WCW folded). In You Cannot Kill David Arquette we see the actor go for redemption in the wrasslin business.

As a wrestling fan, I kinda kept up with Arquette getting back into the ring for the past couple of years and You Cannot Kill David Arquette documents those events. Some of this documentary goes a little fast, but if the point was that the actor has a genuine love for the art that is professional wrestling, it did its job. Props to David Arquette, the #453 ranked wrestler of 2019.