Olay & Friends (Is Black Media in Crisis??) [Video]

Olayemi Olurin is a Political Commentator and Lawyer. I ain’t know none of that. I just be following people on Twitter that entertain/educate me. When she shared a trailer last year, announcing her YouTube channel, I subscribed immediately. She started with videos about why Trump isn’t going to jail, the mistreatment of Angel Reese online and in the media (glad, that’s over, right?), and the incompetence of New York Mayor, Eric Adams. I was happy to see a full-circle moment where Ms. Olay was able to converse with Mayor Adams on the Breakfast Club two weeks ago.

For the last three weeks, from Candace Owen’s conservative narrative to the validation of Charlamagne Tha God’s journalistic integrity, the topic of Black voices in media has been a substantial topic as we dissect who should and should not provide information to the Black community. The position of power could lead to misinformation, misdirection of energy, and a societal decline. I would like to share some education and entertainment in form of the latest gathering of Olay and her peers showcase their thoughts on where/how their voices are best amplified to reach their audiences.