Song of the Week: The Notorious B.I.G. – “Friend of Mine”

While I feel like I know the story of Christoper Wallace’s backward and forward, I finally caught the Netflix documentary about the life of The Notorious B.I.G., Biggie: I Got a Story to Tell. Spoiler alert: I liked it. Any B.I.G. fan should watch for the D-Roc’s rare footage alone.

Of course, seeing this movie sent me in a mood to listen to nothing but music for the Black Frank White, and got me thinking about my favorite song. The top three go like this: “Kick In The Door”, “Everyday Struggle”, and today’s Song of the Week: “Friend of Mine”. Here are some thoughts:

  • Biggie once again talks about having sex with his girlfriend’s sister, which was brought up on “Suicidal Thoughts” and “Fucking You Tonight”. I’m pretty sure there are other songs too.
  • Is there a version that doesn’t have dick-sucking sounds at the beginning of “Friend of Mine”? I understand that it’s from the previous track’s outro, “Respect”, but still.
  • When Voletta Wallace said she listened to her son’s music and was shocked, I expect this was one of the songs she was talking about. I wonder did she listen to the song Biggie made with Uncle Luke? (Later remixed as “Big Booty Hoes” featuring Too Short)
  • I know hoping that a music video was made for “Friend of Mine” is kinda crazy, but I remember hearing back in the day that one was supposed to be made for “Everyday Struggle”. Did I imagine that?
  • Salute to Easy Mo Bee.
  • As much as love “Friend of Mine”, I’ll admit that business doesn’t really pick up until around the 40-second mark when the sample of Kool & the Gang’s “Spirit of the Boogie”.
  • There are a lot of quotable lines in this song, but my favorite one is: “I don’t give a bitch enough to catch the bus/And when I see the semen I’m leaving”
  • When I was younger I thought it was “And when I see the steaming I’m leaving” like when a bus pulls off or something. How would he see the steam from a bus if he doesn’t give her bus fare? Young B-Easy was an idiot.
  • This song has been added to the forever-updating Official nappyafro Playlist.
  • I remember hearing about Biggie Smallz. The white rapper who threatened to sue The Notorious B.I.G. and the reason why he stopped officially calling himself Biggie Smalls. Thanks to Biggie: I Got a Story to Tell, I finally got to see him (I later went on YouTube and saw one of his music videos in full). I say all that to say this: fuck the white Biggie Smallz.

Check out the Song of the Week below: The Notorious B.I.G. – “Friend of Mine”. R.I.P. B.I.G. Always.