Alt-Day Sunday: Bo Diddley – “Road Runner”

You Can’t Keep Up With Me!

KNON 89.3, is a radio station in Dallas enabling my nostalgia. On Monday nights, they play the music of my homeland for two hours, Zydeco. Throughout the workweek, they play the music of my ancestors from 9 am to Noon, old school R&B, and down-home Blues. One day on my work route, they played a song I had to save in my phone immediately.

Rock and Roller/Bluesman Bo Diddley released his fourth album, Bo Diddley in the Spotlight in 1960. The album’s opening track was released as a single from Checker records and only built anticipation to hear more from the McComb, Mississippi native.

Today’s selection is the live performance from The London Rock & Roll Show in 1972. I could’ve just placed the original audio but the sight of Bo on his rectangular guitar and Brits going wild is so special. Enjoy!