Song of the Week: Falak – “FREE”

Today’s Song of the Week is kinda weird. Not only is it an instrumental (Something I think is a first for SOTW) but I found it in an odd way. I initially heard this song when YouTube recommended a video called “How Kanye West Rap”. The video had a YouTuber named Girlhefunnyaf44 making a parody of how a Donda-era Kanye West raps. You defiantly have seen this type of video before.

The thing that caught me was the beat Girlhefunnyaf44 raping over. It was actually dope. And after looking in the description of the video, I found out the beat was produced by somebody called Falak. The beat is called “FREE” aka [FREE] KANYE WEST TYPE BEAT 2021 – “FREE”. And yes, these types of channels and beats are in abundance on YouTube. But this one? This one needs to actually get to Yeezy so he can lay some 2007 style bars over this. Check it out below for yourself.